3 Reasons To Have Your Water Quality Tested

For decades, we all drank the water that flowed out of the tap without any thought of concern for contamination or health issues. However, there have been more and more cases of water quality issues across the country in recent years. Even here in Bastrop, many residents are concerned that their water might not be as pure and safe as they would like it to be. If you have concerns about your home’s water quality, you are sure to want to know more about the top three reasons to have your water purity tested.

Your Water Has A Metallic Taste

Having water that tastes like metal is very scary. However, it is not an uncommon issue in older homes. Often, the water is being contaminated as it flows through the older water lines in the house. Tiny bits of metal are flaking off the inside of the water pipes and contaminating the water. A professional water inspection and test will reveal if the water does contain metal particles. Your licensed plumber will be able to determine if the pipes can be professionally cleaned or if they need to be replaced to eliminate the metal contamination of your home’s water.

Your Water Has A Bad Odor

Water should have no noticeable odor. If you are getting a waft of something odd when you get a drink, it is time to test the water to determine what could be causing the odor. High mineral content in the water can create a metallic scent, while algae can cause a musty or moldy smell. If the water contains bacteria, you could notice a scent much like sulfur or rotten eggs. But the only way to be sure about the water quality and purity is to have it professionally tested. Then your water quality expert can help you determine what is needed to increase the water quality and safety.

Your Water Leaves Stains Or Residue Behind

Pure water leaves no staining or residue on counters, sinks, or dishes and clothing. Water that leaves a brown or orange stain is typically high in iron or copper. If the water contains a great deal of magnesium or calcium, it will leave a chalky white residue. In most cases, the cause of these contaminants is old water lines breaking down and releasing particulates into the water. Ideally, you can have the water lines professionally cleaned to remove the loose particles and eliminate the issue for a few more years of service. However, if the pipes are too deteriorated, repiping is necessary.

When you find an odd taste or odor to your water, or it leaves a residue behind, it is time to have the water quality professionally tested. Call (512) 233-6308 to request a visit from a Parobek Water water quality expert. Our pro will test your home’s water and explain any potential hazards that are discovered. We will also provide you with a price quote for any water purification device needed to ensure the purity of your water.