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4 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Your Home

In Austin and throughout Central Texas, hard water is problematic. The water that flows through your pipes may be heavy with sediment from minerals and other particulates. These elements can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, and they have many other substantial effects throughout your home. Investing in a water softener is the most effective way to address this important problem. What are the benefits of installing a water softener in your home?

1. Promotes the Health of Your Plumbing System

The minerals in hard water can create scaling inside the pipes and faucets. This will gradually accumulate, and it can increase water pressure in the process. This can lead to expensive repair bills and property damage that may have otherwise been avoidable. Because a water softener removes the minerals before they reach your pipes, scaling is no longer a problem.

2. Optimizes the Life of Your Appliances

Scaling can also impact your home appliances that use water. These may include the washing machine, the refrigerator, the hot water heater, and the ice machine. Scaling in your appliances can lead to decreased efficiency, more frequent repair issues, and even reduced longevity.

3. Prevents Excess Energy Consumption

Scaling inside your pipes can also impact how efficiently your hot water heater uses energy. Specifically, the interior of the pipes will narrow as scaling accumulates. This negatively impacts the heat transfer process, so your water heater must work harder to provide the hot water that you need. You can keep energy bills in check through the installation of a water softening system.

4. Impacts Cleaning Efforts

Because soft water does not carry the heavy minerals and other debris that is in hard water, soaps and detergents can more effectively bubble or work into a lather. This impacts how clean your clothes, dishes, and body get when you wash them. Keep in mind that washing clothes with hot water is often necessary to break down hard water elements. When you wash with soft water, you can save energy by choosing a cool water cycle.

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