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5 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

The city of Austin, TX earned a superior water quality rating in 2020 from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. However, the area is known for very soft water, which means that it has a lot of dissolved minerals. Those minerals impact the taste, turbidity and clarity of the water. A reverse osmosis system removes those particles from your home’s water supply. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of installing a reverse osmosis water treatment system in your home.

1. Eliminate Lead

In the tests leading to the 2020 water quality rating in Bastrop, no lead particles were found in water samples. However, if your home is older, lead solder could be in the pipes. Reverse osmosis systems remove lead from your drinking water.

2. Reduce Sodium

Many people need a low-sodium diet for health reasons. You might be surprised to learn that a significant amount of your sodium intake comes from water. Installing a reverse osmosis system reduces the amount of sodium you get from water, coffee, tea and foods boiled or steamed in water.

3. Remove Microorganisms

Some bacteria and parasites survive the chlorination process. If your home is on well water, your drinking water could have a lot of bacteria and parasites. A reverse osmosis system removes harmful microorganisms that could make you and your family or pets sick. These systems remove cryptosporidium, giardia and fecal coliform.

4. Protect Medically Fragile People

Babies and toddlers have immature immune systems. If they drink contaminated water, they could get seriously ill. Water treated with reverse osmosis is safer to use when preparing infant formula or diluting juice, compared to using plain tap water. Elderly people also have decreased immunity and get sick easily, even if they’re exposed to a low level of germs. If anyone in your household has a compromised immune system due to cancer or another disease, a reverse osmosis system helps protect their health.

5. Enjoy Better-Tasting Food and Beverages

The minerals in water interact with your food. When you steam or boil food or prepare coffee or tea, those minerals change the natural flavor of the food. Once the reverse osmosis system removes the minerals from your water, you may notice that your food tastes better. The flavor and aroma of your coffee or tea may be stronger and more pleasant. You may also notice that a simple glass of ice water is more refreshing and quenches your thirst better after you install a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis systems remove contaminants from your water. The taste, smell and overall quality of the water will improve, making drinking, cooking and washing more enjoyable. For more information about reverse osmosis water treatment systems for home use, contact us at Parobek Water Solutions today.