Hard water calcium deposit and corrosion on chrome shower tap

Benefits of Using a Water Softener

Many of us in the Austin area have hard water. In fact, Texas is routinely found towards the top of lists of states that have the hardest water in the nation. Hard water might look just like regular water, but since it has so many minerals in it, including calcium and magnesium, it can affect many things. Fortunately, investing in a water softener can solve these problems because it can remove minerals from water before it flows through the rest of your home.

Fixtures Will Look Cleaner

Hard water leaves behind a lot of minerals. You’ll likely see a whitish, chalky substance on your showerheads, faucets, and sinks if you have hard water. We call this “scale.” When hard water is constantly flowing through our fixtures, it’s impossible to prevent this scale buildup. Over time, it can get really bad, and you’ll have to scrub away at it or use harsh chemicals. You can prevent this problem by getting rid of hard water with a water softener.

Appliances Can Last Longer

That scale buildup that we were just discussing has another disadvantage. In addition to detracting from the appearance of your kitchen and bathrooms, it can also lead to premature wear and tear. If your coffee machine, for example, is having to work extra hard to get water through its various components because of all the buildup, it might not last as long as it otherwise would. A coffee machine is relatively easy to replace, if not inconvenient, but what about a dishwasher or washing machine? These represent major investments that you’ll want to protect.

Skin Can Feel Healthier

When you wash your skin with soap using hard water, it’ll be relatively difficult to build up a lather. Then, when you rinse the soap away, a layer of film will be left on your skin. This can be quite noticeable to some people. Further, hard water can leave your skin feeling dry, while soft water can leave you feeling more moisturized.

Clothes Can Get Cleaner

Just like soft water does a better job cleaning skin, it’s better for cleaning clothes, too. First of all, the lathering problem becomes an issue in the washing machine when using hard water. These appliances won’t be able to do their jobs as well if a good lather isn’t created. Further, some of the minerals that hard water leaves behind can stick to your clothes. This may discolor them and leave them feeling stiff and scratchy.

Hard water can be difficult for our appliances, clothing, and even our bodies to deal with. We suggest investing in a water softener if you’re tired of dealing with hard water and all of the minerals it comes with. Call Parobek Water Solutions to learn more about our water softener installation services.