Is My Cloudy Ice Safe To Use?

When you get a drink at a restaurant and find that it just tastes better than what you have at home, you might begin to wonder what is different. You are using the same ingredient, or it is the same brand of soda. So how is the same thing more refreshing at the restaurant? If you take a close look at the restaurant glass and its contents, you will probably see that the ice in the glass is crystal clear. Take a close look at your ice when you get home and see if it has an odd cloudy look. If it does, that is your answer.

What Causes Cloudy Ice?

There are several reasons that the ice at your home is not crystal clear. The opaque appearance is often due to the level of filtration and purity of your home’s water. Tannins, minerals, and other dissolved solids in your home’s water add a slight color to the water, which prevents it from freezing to create a perfectly clear piece of ice. Though most of the contaminants found in city water are not considered harmful to humans, they are particles and substances that prevent the water from looking as clean and fresh when frozen.

A water filtration system that uses reverse osmosis is the most effective process for creating pure water. And that pure water will freeze completely to provide you with the crystal-like ice that you enjoy when you order a soda or drink away from home. In addition, you will find that the ice has a more refreshing taste, and there is no noticeable odor.

The other factor in clear ice is the freezing process. Even if you have a water filtration system in your home, the cold air in your freezer could be to blame for the cloudy ice. A typical freezer surrounds the water with cold air and freezes the exterior or surface of the ice first. Unfortunately, this process also locks any impurities in the ice, creating that cloudy appearance.

The Professional Way To Make Ice

When you get ice from one of the large and costly commercial ice makes, it will always appear clear and appealing. But that is due to the pro process this equipment has perfected. You fill an ice cube tray at home, or your fridge fills it, and the ice slowly forms. But the commercial ice makers use a water jet that continues to spray water into a tray freezing it in layers. These layers have no bubbles or impurities to create a hazy appearance.

The professional ice-making process is a system that mimics nature’s clear icicles. They always seem to have a perfect appearance because each tiny drip freezes as it runs down the existing piece of ice. But the machine will run you hundreds of dollars compared to the free process that Mother Nature perfected.

Affordable And Attractive Ice At Home

As we mentioned, there is no harm in most cloudy ice. But if you want crystal clear ice for your mixed drinks and soda at home, there are a few tips to follow. Boiling the water before pouring it into ice trays will help to eliminate the bubbles that create a frozen haze in your ice. Boiling reduces the oxygen in the ice, but be sure to let it cool before placing it in the freezer. Filtered water also makes the best-looking ice.

For more information about adding water filtration to your home for cleaner and clearer water and ice, call (512) 233-6308. The pros at Parobek Water offer free in-home water tests and price quotes for filtration systems.