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With an unbeatable commitment to quality work, customer service, and fair, transparent, honest pricing, Parobek Water Solutions has become one of the first names that people think of when they’re looking for a water system installer in Hutto, TX. It’s not hard to find a plumber who can tighten up a loose-fitting pipe or make a faucet stop dripping, but when you’re looking for more this type of work, you want more than a standard plumber. On top of all of our standard plumbing services, our water treatment technicians are trained to understand the technology and how it should be setup for your home and family. Our team of dedicated, professionally licensed plumbers wants to make sure that you enjoy safe, pure drinking water!

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Why choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse osmosis is a type of water treatment that does much more than simply filtering the water before you drink it. Since the most important part of the reverse osmosis system is the high-pressure pump, there is less maintenance for you to perform than there is with a standard water filter. Reverse osmosis works to remove lead, salts, particulates, pyrogens, and colloids. Reverse osmosis in Hutto, TX can also help you save money long-term. Instead of continually buying single-use plastic water bottles, you will have access to an unlimited supply of good-tasting, contaminant-free water in your tap. Since the water is filtered through a permeable membrane that we install with the system, you also don’t have to continually purchase filters. If you’re considering improving the quality of water in your home, reverse osmosis is likely a solid investment.

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The Many Benefits of a Water Softener

Most types of water treatment make your tap water taste better, and installing a water softener is no different. When water has too much calcium or magnesium in it, it’s considered “hard.” A water softener works by removing those elements from your water which creates soft water. However, the benefits of softer water aren’t limited to taste. There are also practical benefits to installing a water softener in Hutto, TX. When the water that flows into your home is too hard, it can do serious damage to your pipes and appliances. The waterlines that flow into your home, washing machine, dishwashers, and faucets are not designed to handle large concentrations of magnesium and calcium. You can help extend the lifespan of your appliances that rely on water and the plumbing pipes that carry that water throughout your home.

Reasons to have a Whole-Home Water Filtration

When considering the taste benefits associated with a whole-home water filtration system, you should also think about the environmental impact associated with it. Many people don’t like the chemical-heavy taste of tap water, so they turn to bottled water instead. Every year, Americans purchase more than 50 billion plastic water bottles. While that number is staggering enough, studies also indicate that only 38% or 19 billion of them end up being recycled. The rest of them simply waste away in a landfill or end up polluting the environment. Whole-home water filtration systems also lead to brighter clothing as the chemicals that are naturally present in your water can take a toll on your laundry over time. Finally, whole-home water filtration systems also extend the life of your plumbing systems. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that people continue to opt for whole-home water filtration systems in Hutto, TX.

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