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The plumbing industry is always changing. With technological advances, you need a plumbing company that understands those advances and can make sure that your home is up to date. Not only are we fully committed to staying up to date on all of the latest trends, but we’re also dedicated to upfront, honest pricing and your complete satisfaction with every job. That’s why we’re so happy to offer reverse osmosis systems in Hutto, TX. These systems, which can be quickly installed by our team of professionally licensed plumbers, can help eliminate the chemical-heavy taste that is so prevalent in most tap water. Instead of continuing to purchase bottled water or those temporary filters that have to be changed frequently, invest in reverse osmosis in Hutto, TX.

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What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Parobek Water Solutions offers two different types of reverse osmosis systems in Hutto, TX. Both the three-step and the five-step reverse osmosis systems start out with a high-pressure pump that pushes the water through the system.

The three-step reverse osmosis systems that we install begin with a pre-filter that does an excellent job at removing sediments that build up in your water. These pre-filters rely on carbon that absorbs chlorine, ammonia, and other chemicals that are present in most tap water, removing the chemical-heavy taste that so many people complain about. Once the water passes through this carbon filter, it enters the osmotic membrane that has numerous pores that are so small that only water molecules can pass through. The third and final step is a post-filter that finishes purifying the water in the unlikely event that any pollutants found their way through the first two filtration steps.

Five-step reverse osmosis systems also start out with a pre-filter, but they do more purification work to the water before it gets to the membrane. After the water passes through the pre-filter, which primarily removes sediments, it goes into a separate carbon filter that eliminates chemicals from the water. The third phase of the process is a one-micron polypropylene filter that removes any sediments that remain in the water that are larger than one micron in size. All of that filtration happens before the water enters the osmotic membrane, where excess minerals, iron, salts, and nitrates are filtered out. Finally, the post-filter removes any remaining impurities and ensures that your water is clean, pure, and ready to drink.

Reasons to Choose Reverse Osmosis

There are plenty of reasons to choose reverse osmosis in Hutto, TX. The first and most obvious reason is the fact that it ensures that your tap water tastes better. Your local municipal water treatment plant has no choice but to use chemicals to make sure that your water is safe to drink, shower in, wash dishes with, and more. However, those chemicals simply don’t taste good when you’re looking for a refreshing drink. Reverse osmosis removes those bad tastes.

Since reverse osmosis makes your water taste better, it can also save you money on purchasing bottled water. Even if you don’t buy bottled water, you may spend money on those temporary filters that attach to a pitcher or even to your faucet. Either way, having a single reverse osmosis system installed in your home ensures that you don’t have to keep spending money to get better-tasting water.

Finally, the fact that you don’t have to buy bottled water will have an impact on the environment. Every year, nearly 20 billion plastic water bottles find their way into landfills all across the United States. Even though a percentage of plastic water bottles get recycled, it is minimal. While you can’t change that number on your own, you can certainly do your part by being more eco-friendly and eliminating your need for plastic water bottles.

The Solutions You’re Looking For

Whether you’re looking for a way to save money on those temporary water filters, cut down on your plastic water bottle usage or simply want better-tasting water in your home, reverse osmosis systems are the answer to your problem. Our team of plumbers will work with you to help you choose the right system for your home and can get your new water treatment system installed quickly. Call us today at (512) 233-6308 to find out how we can serve you.


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