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Locally owned and operated since the first day our doors were opened, Parobek Water Solutions has been offering world-class plumbing services to the residents of Hutto, TX and the surrounding area for years now. We understand that the plumbing industry has changed over the years, and with those advances, your needs have changed as well. Lots of people look for a way to make the water in their homes safer, which creates the need for water softeners. If you’re interested in better-tasting water that isn’t as taxing on your waterlines and appliances, it’s certainly time to consider water softener installation in Hutto, TX.

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The Science Behind Hard Water

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “hard water” before. Maybe you’re not familiar with the term, but you wonder why you seem to have so much “soap scum” and scale buildup around the edge of your faucets and in your tubs and showers. Hard water is the term that is used to describe water that has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium. These metals make their way into water through a variety of ways and produce the scale buildup that you can see in your sinks and around the edge of appliances such as your shower head. The alarming aspect of hard water comes into play when you realize that the buildup that you see is only half the problem. The same combination of magnesium and calcium can lead to scale buildup and corrosion inside your waterlines and in the appliances that rely on water.

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Water Softening: 101

In order to combat the risk of hard water, we offer affordable, reliable water softener installation services. A water softener system essentially works on the same principle as two bar magnets. It’s impossible to attach two positive ends together when working with magnets. Instead, the positive end of one magnet will only attach to the negative end of another. That is the science behind water softeners in Hutto, TX.

Magnesium and calcium are both positively charged molecules. In order to prevent them from flowing into your waterlines and out of your faucets, there has to be a negative charge to intercept them. Your water softener has a bed of negatively charged resin beads that pull the calcium and magnesium molecules out of your water when the water passes over them.

While the water flowing into your home is softened through the laws of attraction, the leftover magnesium and calcium are carried away through the laws of repulsion. The brine tank, which is a part of your water softener, uses positively charged salt, which is mixed in water to wash back over the resin beads. Since the positive charge of the salt repels the positive charge of the magnesium and calcium, all the molecules stir up and are carried away from your system.

Why You Need a Water Softener Installed

Not only does installing a water softener in your Hutto, TX home help protect appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator, but it also helps protect your plumbing system. Overall, your water lines are not designed to deal with the presence of heavy metals. As these sediments settle in your lines, they will build up and create serious clogs. When clogs build up, they often result in damaged lines that are either broken or disconnected.

Additionally, soft water is safer for you when you’re taking baths or showers. Depending on the amount of metal present in your water, it’s entirely possible that your showers are damaging your hair and skin. Installing a water softener in your home may lead to fresh-looking skin and healthier hair. Water softeners don’t just protect your plumbing system, they also protect you.

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