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Plumbing has changed a lot over the years since Parobek Water Solutions first opened its doors. While the tools, technology, and needs of our customers may have changed over that time, our commitment to excellence hasn’t. We’re also just as committed to integrity, honesty, and fair pricing as we’ve ever been. Our primary goal is to meet all of your plumbing needs. Over the course of the last several years, many customers have turned to reverse osmosis in Pflugerville, TX. This modernized take on residential water treatment is a hit among homeowners because of the way that it can purify even the lowest-quality water, creating a limitless supply of clean, pure drinking water for your family. If you’re considering a reverse osmosis system in Pflugerville, TX, we have a team of plumbers who can advise you on which one to choose and can get it installed quickly and affordably.

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Understanding the Different Types of Reverse Osmosis Systems

At Parobek Water Solutions, we offer a three-step and a five-step reverse osmosis system. While the plumber who comes to your home will help you decide which type of filtration system is right for you, you should certainly go ahead and educate yourself on the difference between the two types of reverse osmosis systems in Pflugerville, TX. While both types of systems start out with a pressure pump that pushes the water through the system, they each operate differently beyond the pump.

Three-stage reverse osmosis filters are less common in homes, but there are still customers who prefer them to their five-stage counterparts. The three-stage RO system starts out with a pre-filter that removes a large portion of the sediment that is present in your water. Once sediment is removed, the water moves on to the permeable membrane, where all of the dissolved substances that are in the water get filtered out. Finally, the water hits the post-filter, where any sources of bad odors or tastes are removed before the water comes out of your faucets.

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Five-stage reverse osmosis centers also start with a pre-filter that removes the first wave of sediment. However, once the water leaves there, it goes into a charged carbon filter that eliminates the materials that make water taste or smell bad. The water then goes through another filtration system that removes any sediment particles above one micron in size that found their way through the first filtration step. After that, the water goes through the RO membrane, where metals, salts, and nitrates are filtered out by the membrane before going through the final post-filter.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

The most glaringly obvious benefit of reverse osmosis in Pflugerville, TX is that it makes the water in your home taste better. Whether you use your tap water for drinking or cooking, a large concentration of sediment and other chemicals can create a foul taste or odor. Having this better-tasting water also saves you money! Instead of constantly purchasing bottled water or new temporary water filters, a reverse osmosis system allows you to have the best-tasting water without any recurring expenses. Finally, putting a reverse osmosis system in your home can go a long way in diminishing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Every year, Americans purchase 50 billion plastic water bottles. Since only 38% of those water bottles get recycled, that leaves billions of plastic water bottles filling up landfills all around the country. Your reverse osmosis system can save you money and help save the environment.

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At Parobek Water Solutions, we count it as an honor when you choose us as your plumbing company. We want to do everything we can to build a long-term relationship with you as your plumbing company of choice. Our plumbers will work with you to make sure that you choose the best reverse osmosis system for your home and will get it installed correctly and quickly. If you’re interested in reverse osmosis systems or need other plumbing services, call Parobek Water Solutions today at (512) 233-6308.


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