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One of the most devastating and prevalent water problems that most homeowners face is hard water. If you’re struggling with endless appliance repair bills, stiff laundry and decreased water pressure from scale-ridden pipes, it’s time to install a water softener. Hard water ravages water appliances, and without a water softener, your utility bills will only continue to escalate.

With us on board, you can quickly soften, treat and condition your water. Our fully licensed and certified plumbers offer comprehensive water solutions, including unmatched water softeners. Reach out to Parobek Water Solutions today and start saving more while enjoying better-tasting water with an advanced water softener in Pflugerville, TX.

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What’s Hard Water?

Hard water is simply water that contains high mineral concentration. It’s formed when groundwater percolates through chalk, limestone or gypsum deposits, mainly made up of magnesium, calcium carbonates, sulfates and bicarbonates. Drinking water may also contain trace minerals such as iron, which it picks up from lakes, rivers and older, corroded plumbing systems.

Of course, minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron do not pose any health risks. They’re beneficial nutrients. But that doesn’t mean there’s no harm in having them in your water at high concentrations.

Although hard water may be clean and safe to ingest, its effect on your skin and hair is a different story. Bathing with hard water leaves behind a film, thus making your skin and hair feel unclean to the touch. This can result in skin and scalp irritation, dandruff and even problems like eczema.

The dissolved minerals in hard water, such as calcium, form a scale that may accumulate on the inside of your pipes. Scale buildup affects the water flow along the pipes and eventually causes the pipes to become clogged.

These deposits can also accumulate in your water appliances like water heaters and boilers, making them less effective and more expensive to use. Using a top-quality water softener in your home can help you avoid all these problems. Our skilled plumbers can assist you in choosing the perfect system for your home needs and budget.

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How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners are the least expensive and the most effective way to remove harmful minerals from water. They contain a whole-house filtration system that effectively removes unwanted minerals from water through ion exchange.

A water softener system contains three major components: a mineral tank, a control valve and a brine tank. These components work in conjunction to monitor water flow, remove minerals and periodically clean your system via a regeneration process.

The mineral tank is where the system softens hard water. When water from the supply line enters the tank, it seeps through a bed of resin beads where ion exchange takes place.

The water deposits water-hardening magnesium and calcium ions and replaces them with sodium ions. It then exits the tank and flows through your pipes to your faucets and home appliances.

The control valve has a meter that measures the volume of water flowing into your home through the mineral tank. As water passes through the tank, the resin bed exchanges its ions for hardness ions. With time, this process reduces the ability of resin to soften water effectively.

That’s where the control valve comes in. It automatically initiates regeneration cycles before the resin beads become too burdened to continue removing magnesium and calcium ions.

The brine tank helps your system with regeneration. It holds a highly concentrated salt solution to restore the beads’ positive charge. When the control valve registers that the resin’s softening capacity is diminishing, your water softener draws the heavy brine solution out of the tank and flushes it through the resin beads in the mineral tank.

With a Parobek Water Solutions water softener, everything in your house that involves water gets better. If you need a water softener system in Pflugerville, TX, don’t hesitate to rely on us.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

  • Some of the advantages of installing a whole house water softener system include: Protecting your home and plumbing
  • Enjoying softer skin and hair
  • Reducing soap scum
  • Eliminating film on dishes
  • Reducing calcium buildup in your piping system

The proficient plumbers at Parobek Water Solutions are widely known for providing award-winning water softener installation in Pflugerville, TX. Through our services, you’ll be able to get more out of your appliances and plumbing while spending less on detergents and energy.

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