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At Parobek Water Solutions, we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to become the go-to source for water treatment service. We’re your source for reverse osmosis systems in Round Rock, TX. If you’re looking for a way to have cleaner, safer water for you and your family to enjoy, we have the solutions that you’re looking for. Our plumbers are committed to your full satisfaction and will gladly walk you through the process of choosing the right reverse osmosis for your home.

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Choosing the Best Reverse Osmosis System

Interested in reverse osmosis in Round Rock, TX? Our plumbers are experts when it comes to providing property owners with reliable water treatment systems. At Parobek Water Solutions, we offer free consultations and estimates to our customers. That means you can find out about the details of our reverse osmosis systems and how much installation would cost without any commitment.

The reverse osmosis systems that we offer start with a high-pressure pump that is responsible for pushing the water that you rely on throughout the rest of the system. Outside of that pump, the two systems vary and offer different amounts of water filtration.

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Three-step systems, the most basic type we offer, start with a pre-filter that removes sediment that naturally occurs in water once it leaves your local municipal water treatment plant. The pre-filter also filters out the chlorine that creates the chemical taste that many people complain about when drinking tap water. Once pre-filtration is complete, the water passes through the permeable membrane that makes reverse osmosis in Round Rock, TX unique. The membrane allows water molecules to pass through while removing bad-tasting substances that have dissolved in your water. Finally, the water goes through another filter that “polishes” the filtered water and extracts any remaining sediments, chemicals, and other contaminants.

Five-step systems start out the same way, but that’s where the similarities end. Once the water passes through the pre-filter, it passes through a carbon water filter. The carbon is negatively charged, which allows it to attract the positively charged contaminants that make it through the pre-filter. Then, there is a third water filter that captures any pollutants above one micron in size. The water passes through these filters before it hits the membrane that eliminates salts, metals, and other contaminants that can ruin the taste of your water. Finally, the water passes through a post-filter that works similarly to the post-filter in the three-stage system. This post-filter removes any pollutants that may have found their way through the four previous steps.

Reasons to Choose Reverse Osmosis

If you’re still considering a reverse osmosis system in Round Rock, TX, make sure that you understand the benefits of the process. Nothing matters more than the safety of you and your family. Reverse osmosis removes particulates and contaminants that can make your water unsafe. Additionally, it greatly improves the taste of the water that comes out of your faucets. This improved taste can help save you money on bottled water and temporary water filters that have to be constantly replaced. It’s also worth noting that since you will be using fewer plastic bottles, you will lower your carbon footprint. Every year, Americans purchase 50 billion plastic bottles, and 81% of them end up being thrown away instead of being recycled. You can do your part in protecting the environment by switching to a reverse osmosis system.

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