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If you are experiencing sediment or foul odors in your water, a whole-home water filtration system can remove impurities and improve the quality and taste of the water in your home. Parobek Water Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving the residents of Round Rock, TX since our beginnings. Our professional plumbers are experts when it comes to water filtration in Round Rock, TX. We pride ourselves on being affordable and always offering honest and upfront pricing. You will never get a surprise bill from us. You can expect quick, high-quality water filtration services from our fully licensed and insured plumbers. 

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Types of Chemicals Found in Tap Water

In addition to naturally occurring minerals, there are several types of chemicals that are added to municipal water in order to ensure the water is safe to drink and free of dangerous bacteria. Unfortunately, these chemicals can make your water smell and taste bad.

There are also many other chemicals that are not caught by your municipal water treatment facility. Many of these are caused by human activities and irresponsible disposal of chemicals that result in environmental pollution.

Some chemicals that may be found in your tap water include chlorine, ammonia, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, herbicides and pesticides, and toxic chemicals that are a result of processing and manufacturing processes.

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A Whole-Home Filtration System Is an Eco-Friendly Solution

With tap water that tastes and smells unpleasant, you may turn to buying bottled water for your drinking water needs. However, this is very wasteful and damaging to the environment. Millions and millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away every year by Americans. Less than half are recycled. These water bottles take decades to degrade in a landfill and take up unnecessary space. They also make their way into our oceans in huge numbers, causing serious and detrimental effects to our marine ecosystem.

By installing a whole-home water filtration system, you will have clean and good-tasting water free from sediment, chlorine, pesticides, VOCs, and many other chemicals. You will no longer need to buy bottled water and will be helping the environment.

Another benefit of these systems is that they remove minerals that may cause buildup in pipes, fixtures, and appliances that use water. This can prolong their lives, reduce wear and tear, and maintain proper water pressure throughout our pipes, especially when combined with a water softener.

The Basics on How Whole-Home Water Filtration Works

Whole-home water filtration systems are installed at the inlet of your water source. All water is filtered before it enters the pipes within your home. As the water enters the system, it first goes through a pre-filter stage where large sediments and particles are removed. The water then enters an activated carbon filter that removes things that cause bad tastes and VOCs. The most effective whole-home water filtration systems utilize a filter between the pre-filter and the carbon filter. This filter is typically compromised of a copper and zinc blend that can remove dissolved metals such as mercury and nickel.

The type of whole-home water filtration system that you need depends on what is in your water. Our plumbers can test your water and give you options on the best system for your home.

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Installing a whole-home water filtration system in Round Rock, TX is the best thing you can do for the quality of water in your home and the health of you and your family. Parobek Water Solutions takes pride in our unbeatable customer service and top-of-the-line plumbing services. You can count on us for any plumbing need that you have in Round Rock, TX, not just water filtration. To schedule an appointment for water filtration in Round Rock, TX or inquire about our other service offerings, call us today at (512) 233-6308. Our professional staff is on standby, awaiting your call!


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