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Locally owned and operated since the day our company was launched, Parobek Water Solutions has been meeting all of the plumbing needs for the residents of Round Rock, TX for years. Over that time, we’ve responded to plumbing emergencies, performed routine maintenance, and installed new systems for customers all over our area. Since you rely so much on your home’s plumbing system, we want to ensure that everything works the way you need it to work. Depending on the condition of the water coming into your home, that may include having a water softener system in Round Rock, TX. These systems can help make your water taste better while also making it safer for you and your family. If you’re considering a water softener in Round Rock, TX, we have the solutions you need.

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What Is Hard Water?

If you’ve heard the term “hard water” before, you may wonder what it actually means. Obviously, water is a liquid, so how can it be hard? Hard water is used to describe water that has an excessive amount of calcium or magnesium in it. Due primarily to their chemical structure, magnesium and calcium bond with other types of metals. That’s why you may notice a scaly buildup on your showerhead or the end of the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom.

While you can see some of the results of hard water, there are other consequences that you can’t see. Not only does it produce a buildup on the faucets in your home, but it can do the same thing inside your pipes and appliances that rely on water. Over time, that buildup can do serious damage to your water lines and appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and icemaker.

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How Water Softeners Work

If calcium and magnesium are bonding with other metals to damage your waterlines and appliances, there has to be something you can do, right? The answer to your hard water problems is a water softener.

Since metals in your water are the source of hard water, water softeners work a lot like a magnet in order to remove them. If you hold two bar magnets against each other, the two positive ends will push away from one another and will only attach to the negative end. Calcium and magnesium are both positively charged molecules. A water softener uses a filter filled with negatively charged resin beads that attract the positively charged molecules, stopping them before they enter your home.

The same principle applies when the water softener system cleans itself. A brine tank which is filled with water and positively charged salt empties itself and washes over the beads that have captured the positively charged magnesium and calcium. Since the salt is also positive, it repels against the magnesium and calcium, allowing it to be washed away where it drains out with the saltwater.

Benefits of a Water Softener

As is the case with most home water treatment systems, water softener installation in Round Rock, TX ensures that you have better-tasting water in your home. Without metallic pollutants in your water like magnesium and calcium, you should notice fresh, clean tasting water straight from the tap.

There are also convenience benefits associated with installing a water softener in your Round Rock, TX home. If you’ve noticed what looks like soap scum in your sinks, showers, and tubs and water spots on any glass or metal in your shower, hard water is the most likely culprit. Instead of having to regularly clean those areas to get rid of these spots, installing a water softener helps prevent them altogether.

Finally, water softeners can extend the life of your washing machine, dishwasher, and any other appliance that relies on water. These appliances are not meant to withstand calcium, magnesium, and other hard metals passing through them. Over time, the corrosion caused by these contaminants can do serious damage to the internal components of these appliances. Water softeners extend the lifespan of your appliances by removing harsh metals.

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At Parobek Water Solutions, everything we do is done with excellence in mind. Not only do we want to do excellent work when we come to your home, but our plumbers are committed to providing excellent customer service. Contact us today at (512) 233-6308 to find out about our water softener installation services and let us know how we can meet your plumbing needs.


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