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Three Ways Weather Can impact Your Home’s Water Quality

There are many factors that can impact your home’s water quality. One major factor that can affect the quality of your water is the weather. There are three ways that weather can affect the quality of the water in your home.

1. Storms

While we need rain to replenish our water supplies, storms can have some negative effects. Bad storms are the culprits for introducing contaminants into our water supplies. When the rainfall is massive and the winds are high, dirt, debris and other contaminants run off into reservoirs and wells. These contaminants eventually find their way into your home via the faucets.

2. Hot Weather

Hot weather can also impact water quality. During the intense, dry summers in Bastrop, droughts are at risk of occurring. During periods of drought, water supplies drop, causing the chemicals, sediment and other contaminants to become more concentrated. These elements become more dangerous when their concentrations increase, and high concentrations can lead to sickness. Hot weather also causes algae to bloom. If your water is coming from a source that is prone to algae growth, your water may smell and taste strange. During particularly hot summers, toxic algae can grow, and drinking water with toxic algae can cause nausea. Heightened water temperatures can also allow insects to survive and breed. These will carry pathogens that can cause you to become ill.

3. Cold Temperatures

During colder temperatures, plumbing can be compromised. Freezing pipes are at risk of developing cracks, and cracks allow bacteria and mold to get into the water supply. Before temperatures drop too much, it is essential that you take measures to make sure your plumbing can withstand the winter temperatures. Insulate all your pipes that are in vulnerable locations such as the garage, basement and crawl space. You can use insulation sleeves or foam. If possible, put a heat source near your vulnerable pipes in addition to insulating them. If you want to make certain that your plumbing system is ready for the winter, have a plumber come and perform an inspection.

Because the weather can impact water quality, some homeowners opt to have water filtration systems installed to guarantee the quality of their water. If you are concerned about water quality and reside in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas, contact Parobek Water Solutions. We will come out to test your water, and we will recommend solutions that are best for your home to ensure that your drinking water always remains safe. Contact us to schedule an appointment.