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Tips for Protecting Your Water Softener During the Winter

The role of a water softening system is to remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your water. When water has high traces of calcium and magnesium, sediment builds up in your pipes. This can cause them to become clogged and even leak. Additionally, your appliances will not last as long because hard water causes them to work harder. Water-softening systems ensure that your appliances last and your pipes function optimally. But when the weather gets cold, your water-softening system is at risk of becoming damaged. To ensure cold weather does not negatively impact your water-softening system, follow the tips outlined below.

Keep Your Water Softening System Warm

If your water softening system is in an area that gets cold, such as in a basement, near an outside wall, or in a garage, you need to take extra measures to keep it warm. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees, your water softener and the pipes leading to it can burst. A cheap solution for heating the area is to use a space heater that has adequate safety features, as these are useful for avoiding fires. If you are worried about using space heaters, see if you can have heating ducts extended to this area, so it is more temperature controlled.

You can also have insulation installed in the area around your water-softening system. The insulation will trap the heat in the area where your system is located. Special wraps are provided to insulate your unit as well as the pipes leading to it. Talk to a plumber or water treatment professional about insulating your system.

Daily Monitoring

Take a few minutes to monitor your water-softening system daily. Check if there are leaks or residue buildup. If you see these problems present, act quickly to get the system inspected and repaired to prevent bigger problems.

Have Your Water Softener Inspected

To make certain your water softening system is in top shape, have it inspected by a trained professional. An inspection will help you to spot and fix small problems before they become monumental. Experts recommend you have your system inspected yearly before cold weather really sets in to guarantee that it is working efficiently. A plumber or a water treatment professional will be suited to perform this inspection.

Preparing your water-softening system for winter is crucial if you want it to continue doing its job. To make sure your water-softening system is prepared to brave the cold temperatures, contact Parobek Water Solutions, one of the best in Austin, TX.