Understanding Those Strange Odors Coming From Your Water

When residents fill a glass with water from the tap, their expectation is an odorless and refreshing drink of water. However, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, as the infrastructure ages, there can be more potential for contamination in city water supplies and even from the water lines in your own home. So if you are noticing any odor in your household water, it is imperative that you have the water tested. A professional can determine what is contaminating your water, explain any health risks from the contamination, and how best to eliminate it with a water filtration system.

Water That Smells Metallic

If you get a waft of a metallic scent as a glass of water nears your nose, there is likely metal contamination in your water. The source could be ground minerals like iron, zinc, or manganese that are leaching into your water from the soil where the water is collected. Or there could even be heavy metals like lead that are toxic and can cause severe health issues when consumed. The contamination could also result from old water lines in your home that are corroded and beginning to flake tiny pieces of metal into your water. An in-home water test can determine what is contaminating your water. Then your water purification pro can help you decide which water filtration system will remove the metals from your home’s water.

The Water Smells Musty

If the smell of your water reminds you of an old, mildewed, or moldy basement or cellar, there is a severe problem. The most common cause of a musty odor to household water is algae contaminating the water supply. If the issue is only with water from a single faucet, it is time to closely inspect the faucet for mold, corrosion, or damage that could be promoting moisture and mildew growth. However, a water filtration system can remove the contaminant and potential health risk associated with contaminated water if the issue is throughout your home.

Do You Smell Rotten Eggs?

Water that smells like rotten eggs is usually contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. Although this contaminant does not pose a health risk to you or your loved ones, it could damage your home’s water lines and fixtures. You might also notice that the color of your water is off. It can appear grey or even black when hydrogen sulfide is present. And that compound will corrode your home’s plumbing components. Fast action to install a filtration system is the best way to prevent costly damage to your home’s plumbing and eliminate that awful rotten egg odor.

Is Your Water Salty?

Water that smells or tastes salty is typically contaminated with chloride. If the water has a powerful odor and taste of salt, it could also be contaminated with sewage. Have your home’s water tested immediately to rule out contamination from sewage and the potential health risks. If the issue is related to chloride, a water filtration system can eliminate the taste and worry. If there is sewage in your water, call your water provider immediately to report the contamination.

Pure water is essential for good health. However, if your water has an odd odor or taste, you are sure to be avoiding it and not drinking enough to remain properly hydrated. Dehydration is especially harmful to young children and the elderly. Call (512) 233-6308 for a free in-home test of your water. The water purity experts at Parobek Water will explain the test results to you and provide you with information about the various water filtration systems that will meet your needs and budget.