What Is Hard Water Really Costing You?

Many homeowners never give much thought to hard water until they begin to notice its effect and damage. It is easy to assume that hard water is just a way of life in the United States because over 80% of all communities have hard water. But overlooking the amount of minerals in your home’s water can be very costly. And the places that it is draining your wallet could also shock you.

Your Home’s Water Lines And Plumbing Fixtures

It might sound hard to believe, but there is enough calcium and magnesium in hard water to block water flow in your home’s plumbing lines eventually. Sure, it takes years for the build-up to block a pipe completely, but it does not take nearly as long for the minerals to reduce the capacity of your home’s water lines enough to notice a pressure drop. But long before you have to consider whole-home repiping, you will have been forced to replace all of your showerheads, faucets, and other water fixtures due to mineral build-up. And that is a costly undertaking.

But there is more. You should also think about the mineral build-up occurring in the water line for your refrigerator water dispenser, the damage to the jets in your spa or spa tub, the build-up that is inside your dishwasher, and the damage occurring inside your home’s only water heater. Studies have proven that appliances that use hard water wear out 30% faster than those that are never exposed to this mineral-laden water.

Do You Experience Many Drain Clogs?

If you seem to deal with more than your fair share of drain clogs, the culprit could be hard water. It is not the minerals that are clogging your drains but the soap scum that they create. The minerals in hard water react with all the soap, detergent, and bath products you use to create a scum that flows down your home’s drain pipes. Unfortunately, these curds harden inside the pipes and begin to form minor blockages that snag the other waste and debris flowing down the drain lines. Soon, you have a large clump of soap scum curds, loose hair, and other waste blocking your drain. And the only solution is a costly visit from your local plumber.

Are You Disappointed With Your Bath Products?

Do you still feel dirty when you get out of the shower? Is your hair constantly limp and lifeless? The issue is not your bath and beauty regime or products. The problem is all the minerals in your hard water. A 2016 study found that hard water was responsible for hair issues, including:

  • Dry Scalp
  • Thinning
  • Breakage
  • Dullness
  • Frizzes
  • Excessive Tangles

You could also be experiencing dry, itchy skin and other issues related to the excessive minerals in your home’s hard water.

The financial impact is that you are spending more on products to moisten your skin, clarify your hair and increase the effectiveness of the bath and beauty products that you already purchase. And sadly, you are still not getting the results you deserve. Some estimates for the added expense for hair and bath products exceed $250 per year to combat the impact of hard water.

Cleaning Challenges

Your time is precious. And when you combine its value with the added cleaning products like CLR needed to remove the chalky build-up and staining around your home, the cost jump considerably. To eliminate all of the issues and expenses related to hard water, call (512) 233-6308. The experts at Parobek Water will provide you with multiple water softener options to eliminate your hard water concerns and their expenses.