Why Water Filtration Is Better Than Bottled Water

When you are really thirsty, nothing tastes as refreshing as a glass of cold water. But getting that pure, odor-free drink is not as easy as it used to be. Many homes in Austin are discovering that their tap water quality is not as high as they want it to be. So they have turned to a much more costly alternative, bottled water. However, there is another option that will provide higher-quality drinking water and many other benefits. And getting that pure water throughout your home is as simple as calling to have a water filtration system installed in your home.

With a whole house water filtration system, you will enjoy all the benefits of pure water throughout your house. When you think about it, you probably don’t want to be bathing or cooking with water contaminated with chemicals, particles, or bacteria. And your whole home filtration system will ensure that all the water in your house is pure and safe for all uses, including drinking, cooking, and bathing. But that is just the beginning of the benefits.

More Affordable

The cost of some bottled water is outrageous. The average adult needs about eight glasses or bottles of water a day. Over a week, that means each adult in your house should consume 56 bottles of water. That is a lot of water to be buying at about $5 for a 24-pack. Assume that you are on the low end of the scale and spend $10 per person each week on water. That is $40 per week for a family of four or over $2,000 a year for your bottled water. The better investment is to purchase a whole home water filtration system to ensure that you have pure water for a fraction of the cost of all that bottled water.

So Much Easier

Walking to the sink to refill your favorite reusable water bottle is so much easier than lugging home case after case of bottled water. In addition, you will never be racing to the store because you have run out of expensive bottles of water at your home. The fact is, as long as you have city water flowing into your home, you have an endless supply of pure and affordable water, thanks to your water filtration system.

What Do You Know About Bottled Water?

We all assume that because we are buying bottled water, it is pure and healthy. But how do you know the purity of the water? Have you ever had it tested? When you have a home filtration system, you can have the water tested any time you like to ensure that you and your loved ones are consuming pure and contaminant-free water. And unlike each bottle of water, you know the process used to filter your home’s water and that each time you turn on the tap, you will get the same, high-quality purified water. Unfortunately, with bottled water, you can never be sure what you are getting.

Living Green

While water is essential for your health, you should also be giving some thought to the planet’s health. In the United States, over 42 billion water bottles are sold each year. But, according to, sadly, only 23% of the water bottles consumed in the country are recycled. So there is a massive mound of plastic headed to the landfills, waterways, and oceans. You can help curb this tragedy by using a water filtration system and a refillable water bottle.

To have your home’s water tested, call (512) 233-6308. The water purity experts at Parobek Water will help you determine if a whole-home filtration system will benefit you and your loved ones.