5 Ways to Know You Need a Water Softener

Having reliable running water in the home is a necessity, but sometimes the quality of the water can leave much to be desired. Hard water is a term used to describe tap water that has a high amount of trace minerals, such as calcium, copper, and iron. While harmless, the presence of these minerals can make your water taste off or leave behind a visible residue. In most cases, the solution to these problems is a water softener. Here are five signs that you need a water-softening system for your home.

1. Spots on Clean Dishes

If your clean dishes develop small white spots after drying, it’s a telltale sign that you are working with hard water. The white spots appear after the water has evaporated, leaving behind mineral residue. Along with your dishes, you may notice white scale buildup around faucets, drains, sinks, and tubs. This is a symptom of the same issue.

2. Strange Taste or Odor

The presence of high levels of minerals in your water may cause it to smell or taste odd. The odor may be metallic or chlorine-like in nature, and the taste may be bitter, salty, or chalk-like. In all likelihood, your water is still safe to drink. However, most people prefer water that smells and tastes clean. If your tap water has a funny odor or flavor, a new water softening system will be the fastest way to get clean-tasting water.

3. Dry Hair or Skin

Humans naturally produce oils that create a protective moisture barrier for their skin and hair. Often, showering in hard water will strip the skin and hair of these oils, resulting in dry, flaky skin and brittle strands of hair. Your skin will eventually produce more oils to compensate, only for the process to repeat itself after your next shower. Before opting for expensive moisturizing creams and conditioners, consider replacing or installing a water-softening system.

4. Dull, Scratchy Laundry

Along with your skin and hair, hard water can affect the quality of your laundry. High mineral content in the water can bind to soap molecules, effectively weighing them down and preventing the lathering reaction necessary for cleaning. The result is laundered clothing that looks faded or feels rough to the touch.

5. Poor Water Pressure

Scale deposits can build up over time in your pipes. Eventually, the buildup will interrupt the flow of water and result in low water pressure. Typically, you will see low water pressure in all the faucets of your house if mineral buildup is to blame. Your water heater can accumulate the same type of mineral buildup, which slows down its ability to heat water efficiently. As a result, it will take more energy to heat water for your home, so you may notice an unexpected spike in your energy use.

There’s no reason to tolerate hard water in your life. If you’re experiencing these five warning signs, a trained expert can help you install a new water-softening system. Reach out to Parobek Water Solutions in Austin, TX for all your water treatment needs.