Hard Water and How Water Softeners Work

Hard water is caused by excess calcium and magnesium in the water that comes in through your fresh water pipes. The U.S. Department of Energy considers water that has more than 7.5 grains of these minerals per gallon as hard and recommends water softeners. These appliances take calcium and magnesium from your hard water and replace them with sodium ions. Hard water is actually good to drink but can cause problems that cost money. Here are some of them.

Limescale in Plumbing Pipes

Hard water lays down a crust inside of your plumbing pipes called limescale. The problem is especially noticeable inside your hot water pipes. Minerals even build up inside your drain pipes. Eventually, the limescale can accumulate so much that your water pressure drops to a trickle, and the drains are clogged. This leads to weak showerhead flows and clogged toilets and sinks.

Pipes and drains full of limescale need to be replaced earlier and more often than they should. Even the joints that connect the pipes can corrode from hard water. Because of this, you’ll not only have to replace the joint but also cut out sections above and below it and replace them as well. The right water softener helps your plumbing system live out its normal life span, which means less cost.

Limescale in Water-Dependent Appliances

Mineral deposits in water-dependent appliances such as your hot water heater, dishwasher, coffee maker, washing machine, and ice maker shorten their lifespans the way they shorten the lifespan of your plumbing pipes. Like your pipes, they’ll need to be replaced sooner and more often than they should be. This can cost a lot of money. Soft water lets your appliances work longer and more efficiently.

Dingy Clothes That Don’t Last as Long as They Should

Hard water makes clothes from the washing machine look dingy and even dirty, even though they’re clean. On top of being dingy, hard water can leave spots and streaks on clothes and make them unwearable. Clothes washed in hard water also feel itchy and uncomfortable against your skin. Washing clothes in very hard water over and over again damages their fibers and causes them to tear easily and develop holes. This means you have to spend money to replace your damaged clothes. Water softeners help you avoid this.

Rely on a Professional Solution

As you can see, hard water can cause a great many problems when it comes to your plumbing and appliances. The solution is to put the right water softener in your home, whether at the point of entry for your fresh water or the point of use, which may be under one sink. The money you’ll save will more than make up for the cost. Don’t hesitate to call our plumbers at Parobek Water Solutions today if you’d like to install a water softener in Austin, Texas.