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How Water Filtration Can Lower Your Household Expenses

Many homeowners are upgrading their homes with point-of-entry water filtration systems. These systems are located between the main water line and the home’s plumbing. This allows you to enjoy filtered water throughout a home rather than being limited to a refrigerator or kitchen sink. Healthier water that tastes great is certainly one reason to invest in water filtration. But a water purification system can actually save you money and pay for itself over time.

Bottled Water

The International Bottled Water Association estimates that the average American spends more than $400 a year on bottled water. The average family of four is therefore spending more than $1,600 a year. This means that for most households, water purification installation will have paid for itself within the second year. Over the life of the equipment, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars even when factoring in any filter media replacement costs.

Lower Energy Costs

Unfiltered water can result in higher energy costs due to mineral buildup. A water heater is where the typical home will lose the most energy in this regard. The industry estimates that the average home can save about 3% in water heating costs by having a water filtration system. There are also potential savings when it comes to washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, plumbing fixtures and so forth.

Appliance Lifespan

The mineral buildup from hard water doesn’t just cost you in extra energy consumption. It costs you in the decreased lifespan of your major appliances. The Water Quality Association recently completed a study of hard water and appliances. It found that gas and electric water heaters lasted twice as long with soft water. Toilets and other plumbing fixtures were more prone to failure with hard water, and even washing machines failed three to four years earlier on average.

More Effective Laundry Detergents

Hard water makes it much more difficult to clean your clothes. This is because the calcium bonds with the detergent making it less effective. Households with soft water are able to use much less detergent to achieve the same level of cleanliness. Hard water can also make laundry smell and feel unpleasant. Therefore, people with hard water often spend more on fabric softeners and deodorizers.

Better Skin and Hair Health

The effect that hard water has on soaps happens in the shower as well. Both hard and soft soaps are more effective with softer water. This is the case with shampoo as well. Hard water is also not great for your skin and hair. It leads to dryness in both cases. It also leads to skin irritation in many people. After switching to soft water, you may notice that the itchiness and discomfort are gone and that you don’t have to rely on skin creams and other products as much.

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