Water Softeners Are Good for You and Your Appliances

You spend a lot of money on appliances, and you want them to last as long as possible. To do this, you need to take the best care of them that you can, including using the best water in your water-reliant appliances. What’s more, when your appliances are working optimally, you can protect your valuables as well. These include your clothes and dishes — not to mention your skin and hair.

The Problem With Hard Water

Hard water results from the accumulation of calcium and magnesium in the pipes. Over time, this buildup can cause a clog or corrosion that could eventually lead to a burst pipe.

Even if that never happens, the minerals will interact with the water to create what’s called “hard water.” When you shower or wash your clothes with hard water, the minerals negatively interact with the cleansers as well as skin, hair, and natural fabrics. This interaction can result in ruined clothes; spotty dishes; dull, drab hair; and dry or splotchy skin.

Hard Water and Your Clothes

Hard water interacts with laundry detergent and attaches to clothes. When this happens, the detergent can’t clean as well, so it can leave armpit stains trapped in the fabric, along with their accompanying odor. Plus, hard water breaks down natural fibers like cotton that make up the fabric. This means that over time, your clothes break down in the wash.

Hard Water and Your Dishes

Hard water interacts with dish detergent to leave a leftover film of soap scum as well as spots on your dishes. Hard water can also clog spray jets, making them unable to work properly.

Hard Water and Your Skin

Hard water interacts with facial cleansers and body soap in a way that causes the chemicals in both to coagulate. This makes it harder for the cleansing agents to get you as clean as you could be. Because of this, you might feel as though there is residue on your skin after you wash it. With hard water, you’re more likely to have clogged pores, splotchy skin, dry patches, and breakouts.

Hard Water and Your Hair

Hard water is terrible for your hair. It interacts with the ingredients in shampoo to form a filmy residue. Equally important, you may notice that your shampoo doesn’t lather as well as it should. Your hair doesn’t get fully clean, and then you end up with dull, lifeless strands.

You Need Water Softeners

Water softeners work by removing calcium and magnesium from the water and then replacing both with sodium. The result is soft water that is better for you and your appliances. When you’re ready for a water softener installation in Austin, TX, call us at Parobek Water Solutions. It won’t be long before you notice the benefits of soft water for your hair, skin, and clothes!