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Throughout Hutto, TX, Parobek Water Solutions provides top-quality water filtration designed to remove contaminants from our clients’ water. Our team of trained, certified and experienced plumbers is ready to help you with your water treatment needs. Our exclusive lines of whole-home water filtration systems are specially designed to provide clean, safe and better-tasting drinking water. If you’ve noticed sediment or dirt floating around in your water, a water filtration system is all you need to remove harmful contaminants from the water you drink. Fortunately, we can install just about any make or model of filtration system to suit your specific needs.

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Why You Need a Reliable Water Filtration System

No matter how good your water may seem, it contains some level of contaminants. Some of these come from natural surroundings while others are created by humans. Lakes and rivers are some of the best water sources, yet they still get polluted by storm runoff, acid rain and other types of pollution. Besides, public water contains contaminants, especially from disinfection byproducts when it reaches your home plumbing system. This is because the public water purification process uses chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia to kill bacteria.

Although this process works to remove some harmful particles, it leaves behind most contaminants like sediment and PFAs. What’s more, the process results in unsafe by-products such as VOCs and chloramines. Why put your family’s health at risk? Turn to us for a top-rated water filtration system in Hutto, TX. We provide point-of-entry (POE) filters that help filter your main water line. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the water in your home is clean and safe for human consumption.

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Eco-Friendly Whole-Home Water Filtration Installation

The quality of your water depends on many factors, such as the source, condition of delivery pipes and more. Many homeowners use hard water, rich in mineral content that might build up in their piping system. These mineral deposits can have profound health consequences.

That’s where water filtration installation in Hutto, TX comes in. Instead of spending lots of money every year buying bottled water, invest in an eco-friendly and cost-effective filtration system for your home.

Our certified plumbers will work with you to eliminate water issues throughout your residence — from unpleasant tastes and odors to unsightly stains. Most private and public water supplies need extra treatment to minimize turbidity and sediment.

Also, some water contains an excessive amount of chlorine, which corrodes your plumbing fixtures. Remember, even the safest chlorine levels can have disastrous reactions, drying out your skin, for instance. Our systems can handle these issues effectively and economically.

Another benefit of installing whole-home water filtration systems is long-lasting water appliances and plumbing systems. Even harmless minerals contained in water can wreak havoc on your plumbing system.

These minerals can also affect your water appliances such as the garbage disposal and dishwasher. Having filtered water running through your pipes will help your system last longer. As a result, it reduces the expenses that can accrue from appliance and plumbing repairs.

How Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems Work

Whole-home water filtration systems can solve a variety of issues affecting your water quality. In a most basic description, these systems work by capturing unwanted substances and only allowing clean water through.

We usually install whole-house filters at the point where water gets into your home through the main water line. That way, it filters all the water circulating throughout your residence to showers, sinks and water appliances. A whole-home water filtration system works via a two-step process.

The first stage is the pre-filter process. Before water enters your house, it passes through a pre-filter to eliminate larger particles, impurities and contaminants. This step removes anything that’s approximately 5 microns in size, such as sediment and silt.

The activated carbon stage is the second step. This is where the system eliminates any contaminants that might still be in the water. Activated carbon contains high carbon content organic material like coal and wood. When heated, this material turns into char, which combines with impurities, pulling them out of your water.

Top-Notch Water Filtration Services

At Parobek Water Solutions, we’re committed to helping you achieve the highest water quality in Hutto, TX. We have the knowledge and experience to offer you a wide range of options from world-class manufacturers.

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