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Locally owned and operated Parobek Water Solutions has been meeting the plumbing needs for Pflugerville, TX and the surrounding areas for years. Over that time, we’ve done everything from basic plumbing repairs to whole-home water filtration installation in Pflugerville, TX. There are plenty of reasons to consider having a whole-home water filtration system installed; however, the most important is the health of your family. If you’re looking for better-tasting water that is safer for drinking, showering, dishwashing, and more, we have the answers to your water filtration questions.

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Uncovering Hidden Dangers in Your Water

For your tap water to be safe for you and your family to drink, your local water treatment plant has to use certain chemicals to treat the water. While these chemicals serve their purpose for purifying your water, they taste bad and may be bad for you to consume in large quantities. Chlorine is the most popular chemical used in water treatment facilities, and it’s the culprit behind that chemical-heavy taste that many people complain about when they try to drink tap water. While your water treatment plant has regulations in place to ensure that there isn’t an excessive amount of chlorine in the tap water, many people choose water filtration in Pflugerville, TX in order to remove it altogether.

Ammonia can also be found in most water systems because of its presence in soil. Much like chlorine, scientists indicate that the amount of ammonia present in most municipal water samples is not dangerous to your health. However, when it’s consumed in large quantities, the consequences could be severe. Instead of taking a chance and gambling on the amount of ammonia or chlorine present in your water, schedule water filtration installation today.

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Going Green With Water Filtration

The primary reason people continue to buy bottled water is the chemical-laden taste that is present in most tap water. Again, these chemicals are a necessary part of making sure that your water is safe, but they don’t taste good. Because of this foul taste, Americans buy more than 50 billion plastic water bottles every year. While that number is staggering, it gets even worse when you realize only 38% of those plastic water bottles get recycled. That means that roughly 31 billion plastic water bottles find their way into American landfills every year. No, you can’t completely eliminate the presence of plastic water bottles from landfills, but you can do your part to create an eco-friendlier world.

Water filtration in Pflugerville, TX also removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your water. One example of these VOCs is formaldehyde, also known as xylene ethylene glycol. Obviously, you don’t want to consume substances like that, which furthers the need for whole-home water filtration.

How Do Our Water Filters Work?

The whole-home water filtration systems in Pflugerville, TX that we install operate on a two-step process. There is an initial water filter that catches large sediments and other contaminants that create bad tasting, bad-smelling, and unsafe water. While the first filter eliminates a great deal of the pollutants in your water, the second phase is where the water gets truly purified.

Activated charcoal isn’t like the charcoal bricks that you might use in your barbecue. Instead, the charcoal is activated by being superheated, treated with argon and nitrogen before being superheated again. Because of this treatment process, the charcoal filters water through the principle of adsorption. Instead of absorption, adsorption allows the activated charcoal to bind with the contaminants, which prevents them from getting into your water.

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Our team of plumbers is completely committed to customer satisfaction. With unparalleled service, a track record of quality work, and an oath to honesty and integrity, it’s no wonder that we’re the go-to source for all of your plumbing needs. If you’re looking for a way to make the water in your home better tasting and safer, we have the solutions you’re looking for. Call us today at (512) 233-6308 to learn more about our water filtration services.


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